Foundation weeks 22-24

This was the height of interview season and getting my portfolio made and photographed. However much I plan my time I always seem to have none of it and it was the biggest stress. I’d say to do the portfolio in advance but you may not have produced enough or any suitable work for it, in that case then I’m in the same boat. My degree is in Costume design and making, I applied at UAL, NTU, Edinburgh and Huddersfield. I had a back up of Fine art at Manchester school of Art as that’s my local university, even though its pretty hard to get into.

I don’t really have much portfolio advice as I’ve only ever made like two for courses but this is what I know:

  • Make it yourself – Don’t let a tutor/ teacher do it for you, you want something you’ve made and know inside and out so you can talk about it with at least some passion.
  • Less is more- Basically don’t put all the work you’ve ever done as its probably not related or not the best
  • Best first and last- Make a memorable entrance and leaving them with a good impression of your work.
  • Show breadth of work- So this is when your work doesn’t have to connect that closely with your degree, normally the work in the middle of the portfolio.
  • Hand drawings- Every degree likes to see that you’ve got the basic skills to build upon, a lot of people cant actually draw, and its a really important way of showing any of your ideas whether rough versions of paintings or designs.
  • Connections – Try and connect your work with your degree, if you cant plan what you’ll say when talking about the work so they can see the connection/ transferable skills.
  • Bring as much as you want- I specialised in 3D and something were better in the flesh, if you want to take it take it. Some places said to take literally everything and this is your one chance ( there’s always other chances) and others said there’s not much space so please photograph instead. Its up to you but check with the uni on an open day and I’d just go with what feels right.

My portfolio:


This was one of the first pieces as it was a talking point which I could speak a lot on and then be more comfortable in the interview. Work from OTE.
IMG_0075 (2)
Model bailed on me so the majority of the pics are from the back or the front with my grimace chopped out. This was a talking point with one of the third years helping with the interviews, which made me a lot less stressed. Work from OTE.
IMG_0036 (2)
Work from inlay and of symmetry. I drew the wood inlayed with gold, its obviously not finished but the work was better than what’s shown in the picture and interest one interviewer the most
IMG_0039 (2)
Alevel exam work for ‘Faces’ it used fabric so I included it.
IMG_0052 (2)
More alevel exam work, its good to fill out your portfolio with this but their mainly interested in foundation.
IMG_0040 (2)
More Alevel work in the style I always do ‘Urban Decay’

IMG_0042 (2)IMG_0043 (2)IMG_0046 (2)

IMG_0050 (2)
I wrapped foil around my plaster inspired by Rachel Whiteread ( looks better in the flesh)
IMG_0049 (2)
Laser cut design based off the inlayed wood and plaster I created.
IMG_0032 (2)
the plaster piece photographed and cut into, the piece behind is acetate of the foil and looks a lot less murdery in person.
IMG_0102 (2)
First thing I made in foundation and out of clay… its a panda foot I swear.
IMG_0095 (2)
Inlayed wood I drew
OTE piece which I didn’t like and painted in gouache on to an evaluation sheet for the portfolio to show analyse ability.





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