UAL Foundation week 18- 21

Foundation week by week is driving me a little crazy and I don’t have to record it in any detail any more so I’m not. I still think its helpful to show what Art Foundation is like but in a more round about way. You’ve seen that projects can vary from a day to several weeks and the main project I worked on after Christmas was ‘Ordinary to Extraordinary’. Which I did for weeks due to have interviews and it didn’t feel right half arsing the next one. OTE was unit 5 and I’d done enough work in that to pass without having to do two projects. UAL has set units that you’re expected to pass if you want to start unit 7, the FMP, which is the only thing that’s graded higher, so you’ll get either PASS, MERIT or DISTINCTION.

Unit 1 Art & Design Research Methods (10 x Level 3 credits – 70 GLH)

Unit 2 Art & Design Ideas Development (10 x Level 3 credits – 70 GLH)

Unit 3 Art & Design Materials and Methods (10 x Level 3 credits – 70 GLH)

Unit 4 Art & Design Evaluation and Reflection (10 x Level 3 credits – 70 GLH)

Unit 5 Integrated Art & Design Research Ideas and Methods (30 x Level 3 or 4 credits – 160 GL)

Unit 6 Preparation for Progression in Art & Design (10 x Level 3 or 4 credits – 60 GLH)

Unit 7 Project Proposal and Realisation in Art & Design (40 x Level 4 credits – 180 GLH)

Every course and every pathway has different projects, so I know that gr


aphics really concentrated on typography which’ll help them for degree and practice. I’m not really into that type of art but its kinda interesting and our graphics teacher was a proper nerd for fonts so I think the hype was contagious.The other classes had more open briefs like OTE which you just play with materials and get a freeier practice of art compared to Alevels. Its needed to make you think more out side the box for university and could be really helpful if your art school or university year is in a creative rut as I call them. I’ve had a lot of friends go off and find that some people on their course are literally just there to get a degree which is pretty shit when you’ve gone from our bangin alevel class. You just have to get on with it or apply to a good art school, which will take time for you to find or you luck out and they’ve already got the good reputation. But don’t get me started on reputation vs. being good, some of my interviews were such a let down for this, so please go to an open day.

OTE slowly destroyed my soul it was all based on textiles as I had nothing in my portfolio relating to my degree. So it was all very wacky textiles, not my normal style but I still brought sustainability into my work. I really enjoyed it but it still freaks me out slightly that I wouldn’t have necessarily used fabrics in my design, I think 3D has brought me to the dark side of design away from textiles. A few of the pieces worked and got into my portfolio even though they were quite out there for costume. It brought about a few ‘mixed reactions’ lets say from the interviewers

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