Foundation Week 14

December 12th – 14th

Things are slowing down again thanks to UCAS I spent all on Monday locked in the MAC suite finishing my personal statement. I finally chose Costume but kept the overall theme open. I talked more about my varying experiences and how they were all helpful, I did hone into my theatre work and my work experience in my local theatre. This was around the that I actually sent it off I don’t know when exactly but it was before December. I don’t know if was worth stressing as much as I did as a lot of the university’s didn’t seem to be very interested in it and foundation helped a lot having that definitely made them more interested. But its all part of a chain with out it I might not have even been looked at for an interview, I just wished I didn’t beat myself up over it so much.

Tuesday was more relaxed we had been given the new project of ‘Ordinary to Extraordinary’ and this is when I felt the pressure to do better. A lot of my work were just initial ideas never finished and never refined, which I needed for my portfolio.IMG_6812.JPG I also hadn’t made any drawings of worth so I started a realism mixed medium piece drawn from my inlayed beach wood with gold. Everything from now on had to be towards my portfolio and specially wanting to work with more fabrics to be suitable for a costume degree. I started as I normally do a create a bullet point list of basic criteria and ideas that I connect to ‘Ordinary to Extraordinary’ like valuing products, altering them eg distressing, pleating embellishments etc. Getting a base of what I want to look into and further develop, I was determined to get development work done and a range of sketch book ideas. Normally Id work with the first sketches and develop my new making skills so now I wanted to develop design work.

Another major part of any project is the research, it can come from anywhere and include anything that you think is inspiring to your work. It would be a poster with an interesting design, a pre-existing product or a photo you’ve taken years ago, it all helps. Parmenides wrote ‘ Nothing comes from nothing’ which I always keep in mind when starting over or getting stuck.




By Saturday I ended up in A&E after falling with a Grolsh glass at work, its IMG_6503.JPGsafe to say it was the beginning of the end of me working there. I really like the customers but other aspects of the job made it really not worth it. But I’m not going to go on, everyone knows its rubbish working for minimum wage and for the companies who pay that much. I’m just glad I was in a position where I could walk away from a place that didn’t seam to care that I was haemorrhaging everywhere. Ok so I am being a little dramatic, about the bleeding any way, after getting glass dug out my hand it all turned out fine and it meant I could drop my shifts around Christmas and New Years.





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