Foundation Week 16

January 9th-11th

Thanks to my hand being in a bandage I only went in for the last day avvv (2).jpgbefore Christmas which I can honestly say was not the most productive day of my life.  I spent Christmas holidays eating my body weight in chocolate and gravy, I bloody love good gravy. After a few weeks I got some mobility back so I was back to work starting making alterations to a jumper for ‘Ordinary to Extraordinary’. The main problem was the major gash was on the underside of my hand below my little finger so I couldn’t draw with out putting pressure down on the paper stitches. So I started making before I had finalised the designs, I was pretty happy with what I was doing to do with the back. It looked very  similar to that of Nick Cave’s work, which I didn’t know of at the time but I’d not complaining I’m a big fan of his now.

When I was back in the studio and talking through my designs with my tutor, she liked one which I’m initially dismissed for how hard it would be to make. I know now I shouldn’t have admitted this, foundation is all about pushing, pushing your skills and ability to interpret. In my case it was both I had to look at, with limited resources I had to think out the box at how to create it. The good thing with art is it can all be a ‘representation’ so it never has to be accurate to anything even your design, unless your doing something like hyper realism but the hint is in the name for that one. A lot of a project is sitting around thinking and planning, which is why I like having a Reflection Diary, I thought they were pretty daft in the beginning but I’m pretty into it now. It helps me put down what I’m thinking at the time and so I know where I’ll be going the next day and what not to do in the future, there’s been plenty of that recorded.

I decided against my designs initial material of bark, I didn’t have IMG_0082.JPGthe time or wanting to find some molting beach trees. I instead went for a wooden pallet, I’m really big or reusing materials too, and I hacked the thing to pieces. My main aim was to chisel shards off so it would loosely resemble bark, some did some didn’t I took in all how and worked wire around it to form a torso on my mannequin. The wire was used as it was inspired off my research but It was a bloody pain in the arse to fix, all the weight had to be evenly disubuted and the shoulders reinforced so it wouldn’t fall IMG_6722 (2).JPGapart. It was more effort than it was worth and there was not way I could form a full dress without it falling apart. I had to improvise and change the design again, this normally happens I change the design while making and finding errors instead of having a solid plan first. It normally works out fine in the end as was the case with this, after being lost for a long time I decided to look into ‘Midsummers Nights dream’ for inspiration for the torso became more of an accessory.


On Wednesday we had a workshop in glazing where the panda foot I made in clay which looks more like a welly was finally getting its glaze doneIMG_0217.jpg. In the process of moving it into the room I may have bumped into a door fame and broke the claw that’s on the right off. Ill fix it using this Japanese method where its stuck together with this gold material and I’m sure it’ll look even better than before. We only had three glazes at the time available and again its a workshop so no ones complaining, the colours were white black and grey. I lucked out with designing a panda foot and they were at least similar colours, someone had a lizard foot, but the colours went really well with it, so you’ve got to keep experimenting.


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