Foundation Week 13

December 5th-6th

We only had a day and a half in the studio this week, so my tutor dedicated it to a resin and throwing clay pottery work shops. First day was to create models for the red stuff, which I’ll never learn the name of, that’s then used to cast the resin. My theme was burning village …. IMG_0062.JPGI really don’t know why I picked in I must have been in a mood. I used good old plaster which I shaped when it was drying and then used scraping utensils after to create straight sides. Some how this took a full day, but a lot of our time was spent talking about the work shops and UCAS as it was the first week of December everyone was getting a little worried that no one had sent off their university applications.

In the end my model was pretty bad and so was my resin, it came out pretty short as there wasn’t that much resin and I’d given up with it. IMG_0239.jpgIts only a test and hopefully the last time I use it. There’s an art to using resin and mixing the catalyst, which I don’t imagine I’m any good at after being rubbish at any science practical’s. Luckily for me only the technician is allowed to mix the stuff so it was pretty much watch me do this and put this gas mask on. I didn’t end up doing the clay throwing which was the bit that I thought was interesting but the good thing with foundation is you can go back to the technician later if you’re ever free. It wasn’t a particularly interesting week but there not always and I was pretty happy with a five day weekend.


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