Foundation Week 12- Hepworth

November 27-29

I spent most of Monday and the weekend before freaking out over my personal statement where everything I wrote I deleted and spent more time googling how to write a good one that actually trying to write it. The UCAS fair further confused me with what I wanted to do, after being dead set on architecture since forever and waking up one day just not wanting to do that any more, I’d not been sure on any courses since. At this point I had an I idea that I want to do Costume after looking at NTU’s open day for the course and really liking it, but I felt pressure into doing architecture or product design after specialising in 3D. I still really like the other two courses but their just not ‘arty’ enough for me, and I know you can do a lot with both but only if I got into a good course. I was stuck at what to write in my statement as I didn’t know what course to do which is why I ended up being two months behind schedule with sending it off.

Having a warring battle inside happily led to my new design, a combination of inlaying and plaster. I just spent two days making the moulds and waiting around for the drying time, plaster dries well within ten minutes but it can depend on time. For the wax I had to put down plastic bags so they could peal off when the wax dried and so it wouldn’t leak out of the sides. It took a lot longer waiting for the wax to dry than the plaster as they was so much of it. I plan on putting either clear plastic or glass tubes on one side to connect to the other. Or I would use thickish metal wire, either way if it looks bad I can reheat the wax and start again.


Wednesday we headed off to the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield near Leeds. It was just a 3D class trip which meant we had to ride in colleges mini bus. It may not seem to bad a thing but its got colleges name written across the thing and lets just say our college doesn’t have the best reputation. It got considerably less embarrassing the further out we got, another reason I like traveling around people don’t know things and places that you take for granted its completely new so their only idea about a place can be explain through you. .

The Hepworth was great and really good for primary research a lot of galleries only have a few sculptures and instillations while this gallery is dedicated to them. Its also really diverse and they had a competition on for ‘The Hepworth prize for sculpture’ where the visitors could also vote. It included work from Phyllida Barlow, David Medulla, Steven Claydon, Helen Marten. I voted for Barlow as I’m obsessed with anything installation, Its also one of the most memorable pieces from that day. Id definitely recommended the Hepworth it exhibits modern art no paintings that are hundreds a years old, which I think will interest a visitor who has a more casual view of art, its definitely interesting to anyone. I’d say give time for an hour and a half visit, we stayed around two and a half which was way too long so we played cards in the café.


We didn’t have much time left after so my tutor drove like a maniac to Leeds Sculpture Park. There isn’t that much to say about the park, the main sculptures had just been taken down, which left the inside small gallery and a few permanent sculptures in the garden. Currently their exhibiting some really amazing sculptures from people like Tony Cragg, see here for more info.

We had an hour to look around which was just enough to see the work in the near grounds. The park has a lot more to offer than just the parts we saw as it has very large grounds so there’s a number of trails to walk and sculptures dotted around through out. Just a quick warning near the conservatory is private land, I put one foot into it and someone literally popped out of the bushes to shout and shoo me away. The signs aren’t great which Is how I ended up there so just double check that there aren’t any around. The conservatory its self was one of the best parts for me ( even after getting escorted there by the shouting bloke) , it wasn’t the time of year for anything to be in bloom but the building its self is worth a look at.




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