Foundation Week 11

November 21-23rd

Still working on Richard Serra I picked the ideas that concentrated on Inlay, I’d seen an image on Pinterest of Kintsugi . I wanted to recreate it using wood after finding some spare beach wood, I started with filling the holes with PVA and gold, but as wood is porous it started to soak in the glue. Leaving it to dry I went of to using my favourite casting technique plaster, where I pushed the wood into clay and form a small wall around it and poured in plaster. This created plaster replicates of the wood which I inlayed I made a few so as a collective I could say they were symmetrical



The main problem with the wood inlay is because wood is natural its not a symmetric form so I missed verb ‘of Symmetry’. To develop the idea I IMG_6397.JPGstarted sketching ideas for MDF carved into using geometric shapes to give me the symmetry.

The Wednesday was spent in Manchester at UCAS ‘Design your futures’ fair where all the design courses in the UK have stalls where you can talk to the universities. In all honesty it just confused me more as I saw a lot of courses that I would like to do at degree level.


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