Social things.

Much like stranger things weird things have happened. As expected in the mean time from doing my course there’s been a lot of other things happening. Whether you like it or not the people on your course can really effect your time on it. Fortunately doing art we all have something in common and so far I haven’t had a class that I didn’t enjoy being in. For foundation there’s so many of us in a small building we all get to know each other pretty well and so far we all get on. I’ve met some like minded weirdos where our eccentricities are accepted rather than shunned, you can always count on art students to be a little ‘out there’.

So in the mean time there’s been a birthday.


An awkward group photo _MG_0163.jpg

Christmas markets


Bonfire night




And too may to count trips to pub and memes coming out of our ears.


The people we know shape us more than we think and I’m glad to know these cretins




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