Foundation Week 10

We were given another new brief and at this point I was a little frustrated with the amount of briefs, time I had and the amount of ideas that I had. Foundations great for creating ideas and expanding your thinking of materials, but I felt like I was in a losing battle against time. This project was luckily a lot longer than the others before it, as we were given a few weeks and not just days. The new brief was based on a verb list by Richard Serra, we were randomly given verbs, mine were ‘To inlay’ and ‘Of symmetry’. I spent the first day sketching and researching Serra, this is around the time where I started to use my own reflection journal. A reflection journal is I some what strange consept to me where you write what ideas you’ve had and what you’ve done that day. Its also really good for evaluation of your work, it took a few months but I can see the benifits of having one even just for remembering what I’ve done that day. The one before had set headings which I didn’t like and the space was way to short to write within. I really like having something at hand which is small and easy to write ideas that I’ve suddenly thought of.

I came up with around 15 different initial ideas for this project which is more than what I could have finished. I learnt after this project to pick one or two ideas that stand out and then develop them further or my final pieces wont be finished to a high standard. The pieces below are quick experiments that I tested and that I connect to the verbs.



Top left is cardboard inlayed with a symmetrical pattern by blue glue gun. Next to it are tiles of clay that after the kiln can be inlayed where the indents are placed. The row below on the left in rolled card with inlayed tracing paper, the card creates its own symmetrical pattern within. The pictures on the right are of melted wax, I had a few problems with this one as the moulds of the plastic cup would melt if I got the flame too near, and I did. It was also hard to get the same amount of wax to go into each pot, so I decided to cut one in half so I knew that it would be symmetrical then. Also there was no wax crayons in the beginning I had to make do with pastels that nearly gassed everyone else out when I melted them and I’m to afraid to google if there’s any long term effects. Eventually I went to the shop to get crayons which melted easier.

The last plaster piece was the worst by far, if it worked then I would be able to see through the plaster where the slides are. However I idiotically super glued the slides down so I broke the plaster when trying to remove the mould. With the plaster I had left over I filled a square mould and inlayed it as a last ditch attempt of creating a piece using plaster. I quite like it but I’ve been in love with plaster since the Rachel Whiteread brief so I don’t know if its that that’s influencing me.




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