UAL week 8 – ‘Body Extension’

When I got back to class on Monday we were still doing the brief of ‘Body Extension’. I normally circle around the idea of lights and shadow when I think of instillations, I’d like to focus on this for FMP (Final major project) . After researching ‘Body Extension’ and sketching ideas I settled on an idea, which are normally developed in the making process. I knew I wanted to extend something to do with sight to connect to light ( I like the rhyme). So it made picking my materials easier, I needed something to hold the model to the head, so I reused noise reducers. I used video tape and slides as they easily let light pass through. So I only had to create the metal frame from medium wire for the frame and thin wire to hold it together along with the slides.


We had to finish these models by Tuesday to be able to photograph them in the studio. I’ve not had much experience in a controlled setting for photography as mine is site based, so it was interesting to see the light set up and backgrounds.




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