UAL week 7- ‘Animals’

The first week of exploratory, and I was ill for the first day which is typical. When I did the awkward first enter of the room everyone had already nabbed the best seats next to the plug sockets and radiators ( which are rarely on).I was in a group with one of them for exploratory and with a free space of his table I shuffled along. The brief we were given was on Endangered animals and it included a workshop in clay. I got to pick my animal as I was already behind I didn’t have time to research fully some of the strange animals my tutor had found for us. I naturally picked the panda. I drafted the elements I wanted to include off a panda, the foot, teeth and claws, creating this monster of a ceramics design.



IMG_0102 (2).jpg
Finished with glaze.

The ceramics was a day or two, another quick brief to introduce us to clay which I’d only used once or twice before. On the second day I quickly finished off making my sculpture leaving time to start on a new brief of ‘Body Extension’. Its pretty much what it sounds like, we had to make models connecting to the body and extending it some how. There was a picture of the artist Rebecca horn of a woman with long nails reaching from one end of the room to another in the Tate gallery last time we went.

Image result for rebecca horn fingers


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