Foundation week 9

The last Wednesday we started the new brief to surround a workshop on plastering, the brief was based on Rachel Whiteread. She’s a  Turner Prize winner, Image result for Rachel Whiteread Housean outstanding achievement in its self, but she was also the first woman to win it. Her work ‘House’ ended up being demolished. There was a lot of political motivation behind this, as ‘House’ was a statement on the housing and homeless crisis of the 1990’s. I really like her works aesthetic and how bare and almost hollow the plaster casting of the house looks with the surrounding house removed.



I researched more in-depth into Whiteread seeing a lot of her work and how her style doesn’t really change does adapts for each commission. I consistency with her work is the fact that she casts solid spaces, like a room, house, stairs etc . She normally casts in plaster which is what our workshop is teaching us on. Last Wednesday we designed our models for the casting looking at Whiteread’s work. I made my mould out of cardboard which I easily could score and cut for my design, I also inlayed card and wax designs that weren’t and indented in the plaster as I would have liked.




As I found out plastering can be a pretty messy process, we poured water in to plastic bowls and added plaster till the mixture was a double cream consistency. When you mix a catalyst is started and is soon the mixture heats up, so I poured it into my mould before the plaster set. I IMG_0031.JPGwas pretty impressed with how my piece turned out, normally when I do something for the first time its truly awful but I think this piece echo’s the same hollowness that Whiteread’s work does.




We finished making on Monday and started a one day brief based on Christo and Jeanne-Claude . They are artists who wrap objects, yer I know a child could wrap, but the way in which they do it  and the scale in which they wrap is very impressive and unique.

Image result for Christo and Jeanne-Claude Image result for Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Mine however did not turn out this way and as good as a child.



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