UAL week 6 – ‘ Assessment ‘

Was the assessment week which meant that I had to very quickly try and finish my sketch book where I documented each exploratory stage adding drawings, pictures etc. The books we were given were an a much larger scale than what I was used to working in at near A3 size. I find it really difficult to properly use a sketch book to document every thought and process in anything bigger than A4. So I had a pretty tough time getting everything down and coming from A-level where I was used to urban decay and splashing any old thing down I though they wanted it to be more structured. I was wrong. The sketch books are pretty much left to the user to work in however they want to. After the check of my work I passed the first assessment and up until the last project the entire year is a pass or fail. I also had to pick which area I would specialise in where I chose 3D, instillation work and craft work is entirely new to me after doing art and textiles since I was 11. I wanted to try something new and expand as an artist, the more techniques I know the more I can draw from them in my design work to produce something unique that I didn’t know how to create before.

The last day of our week we went around the Manchester galleries, Home,

Fashion and freedom exhibition

The Whitworth and Manchester art gallery. I liked the range we got to see if you ever in Manchester I recommend looking at these galleries, The Whitworth is a mixture of contemporary and traditional, Home is a small section of the building and is contemporary. While Manchester gallery has a majority of traditional art with  some contemporary exhibitions which last for a few months, so its really good to see a range of art. My preferred will always be the Manchester gallery I’ve been going since I was a child so there’s familiarity about it but I’m secretly a traditionalist when it comes to oil paintings.




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