NaBloMoPlo Day 13- UAL week 5

I think I may have missed the point of NaBloMoPlo this year I honestly have tried to post and created some to then be scheduled but life gets in the way, I’ve had two birthdays and work so its not like I’m doing nothing. Week four of the ever stranger UAL course was with graphics what i thought was my least favourite section of art. I have nothing against anyone who does it and I think you can create some really amazing work with it but I just don’t like staring at the computer screen instead of a sketch book. Graphics however didn’t turn out like that we actually ended up only using our sketch books to produce typography using stencils ink and anything else we could get our hands on.

I really like this approach as I really can’t get my ideas from my head straight to the computer. I like the illustrative style and it’s something I’m intrested in further pursuing even if I’m not doing it as a degree. The majority of the next day was designing a logo which I had many ideas for so it was easy to get feedback off. A great tip if you want to improve is to have many ideas so people can tell you what’s the best one, if you only had one idea and they didn’t like it then there’s no where else to go.

The last day was creating posters and using different settings in the printer to create inverted colour or layered images. It’s really effective and quick and keeps the original drawing in tact. The image to the left is of our classes posters and they probably only took an hour including the time to photocopy. They look so good and better than some band posters I’ve seen around town.


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