NaBloMoPlo Day 8-UAL week 3

Week 3 textiles, finally the week I thought I’d be the most comfortable. I haven’t actually said yet the degree I’ve chosen, so here it is, I’ve picked Costume design and making. It’s pretty much what the title describes, I want to make and design the costume. Its a fairly niche course only around six universities do it and I’m willing to go to four of them leaving me another degree choice to fill the last slot*. I started this week in total confidence that this was the subject area that I wanted to specialise in. We started off the week by cutting and folding paper to create 3D models. Warping just paper can really change the way you look at the material, and I know that I will use this technique in the future to generate ideas when I’m running low for 3D inspiration. After creating them we took pictures of the shadows they cast using large lights, again something so simple can really change how you see an image. After altering the paper we printed on to them using black ink which created patterns and random images, the whole point of exploratory is to help you generate ideas and know where to go if your stuck in the future. But at this point I was full of ideas and nowhere I felt I could put them, so I started a new personal sketch book and looked at art competitions as the course is two and a half days a week I need something else to take up my time.

The final day lead us to creating a garment out of paper, which I’ve done mini ones of before, it lead to some very interesting creations ( and nicked Pinterest ideas ). We did it in pairs and me and my partner created some strange punk thing mixed with Lady Gaga.

*If your not from the UK the system we apply to universities is called UCAS where you’re aloud to apply for five places at five universities, and your only aloud one personal statement. As I want to apply for two different courses which are similar I need to keep the statement pretty ambiguous about the degree I’ve chosen.


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