NaBloMoPlo Day 7-UAL week 2

Our first week of actual work started with us splitting into our groups and starting our first area of exploratory, Combined Media which is basically fine art in our case. we were given either a machine or animal which we drew from memory and wrote a name and an object which went into a hat. See this course is weird and like primary school. we then cut up our drawings and stuck them into  hat where we pulled out six different pieces of paper to create a strange creature. I also picked a name out and an object to create ‘drum roll please……. Gilliam Snail Shell’ isn’t he beautiful.IMG_5606.JPGWe then partnered up and combined our drawings to make their children… I was a little confused IMG_5611.JPGabout this but its a way of creating unique creations, I think. I rolled with it but by the next day we had a person drop out, first of a few. its fortunate and unfortunate that the course is free for under 19’s ( which I’m not I forked out 5 1/2k ) people can figure out if this is the career path for them as its very concentrated on art. on the other hand its a little disheartening for the teachers as they met these students and teach them for them to drop out and Id hate to think they take it personally.

This week particularly was quite ‘arty’, after we created these creatures we got behind an easel and drew the strange composition in front. We had ten to five minutes to draw as much as we could with different materials eg pencil, charcoal, graphite. We also kept changing are positions and therefore our perspectives changed creating these weird layered drawings. They turned out better than what I’m describing but I didn’t take any pictures of them. We drew for Monday and Tuesday as I like anything that challenges my drawing skills I really understood this, Wednesday not so much.

Wednesday was Frottage, basically rubbing surfaces with charcoal, crayon whatever. For me I didn’t like it, I found it interesting that you can produce textures you’d fine to duplicate when drawing but I know I wouldn’t do this when creating something but I never know I’m not going to rule it out. in the end I ripped up my marks and created on piece. IMG_5633.JPG



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