NaBloMoPlo Day 6-UAL week 1 Tate

As an extra incentive and to interest us more on the course we went to Tate in Liverpool. My UAL course is run by UAL ( university of the arts London) but I do the course at my college which is up north, so Tate in Liverpool is our nearest Tate ( the other being in London). It was displaying modern art and had a separate exhibition of Kevin Bacon, I cant say I was a fan of everything which I wrote about in an essay I had to do for unit 1, but there were a few pieces that stood out like this piece.

Venus in rags Michelangelo Pistoletto


It was something which I could understand the premise of and overall I think it just looks aesthetically pleasing ( I wrote more eloquently in my essay I promise). There was also an art piece which was literally rubbish piled on the floor, we were all crowded round talking about it so I guess it did work as a think piece of art, it was also very memorable. We spent around two hours there, a few of the floors were closed but not as many as the last time I went where only two floors were open and it was the whole reason we went so everyone ended up shopping in the town centre. I was determined to not letting that happen so after leaving we went for food and I had to heard them like kids as they kept playing Pokémon Go ( anyone else still play it?). P9071793.JPGAfter a nice break in spoons we bumped into two others from our course where I split with the girls I was with so they could go shopping and we went to the ‘Walker Art Gallery’ . Which was so nice  and more what I look for in a gallery as it had a nice mix of modern and traditional. We managed to make it upstairs an see an exhibition of award winners for John Moors before we had to return to the coach at around 2pm. I wish we could have stayed and look at the gallery but a few people had work so we all had to return. I would really recommend the ‘Walker Art Gallery’  if you are in the North West area. If you’ve got any suggestions that are within a two hour drive from Manchester of a gallery or exhibition please comment because we’re looking for a new place to visit.




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