NaBloMoPlo Day 5-UAL week 1

UAL foundation started the 5th of September but better late than never I’m writing about it. I’ve been in two minds whether to write about this and my art on another blog for a while now as I have had this blog for three years so its got none related posts but I thought this blog means to live up to its name. IMG_0069.JPGI’m privatising some content but I’m going forward with this site in a more artistic direction while still including my travels. In fact the first week actually did include some traveling, we started the course all together in the new building. Given the classic introduction PowerPoint explaining the four different fields they cover, textiles , combined media, 3D and graphics. The course requires you to be there only two and a half days a week which is such a nice change from levels where I had five classes on my schedule so I had to basically live there. Between Monday and Tuesday we created sculptures out of everyday objects, I say every day my friends was a full skeleton who has one of those, but it did turn out really interesting. IMG_0079.JPGA main theme of the course is wacky, they get us to do very very strange things which you’ll soon see. What I didn’t really understand in the beginning is how I might be asked to strange things but they can help open your mind to the fact that anything can be and become art and inspire you to think out side the box.

The sculpture we were asked to make was then drawn by all three of us in the group on one largish piece of paper. it was pretty difficult with all the elbows everywhere but it turned out really nice. the perspectives change through out the drawing as we were all on the floor looking at it from slightly different angles.


Ok so It may look like kids drew it but we had ten minutes and a small space on the floor, I’m pretty impressed if I do say so myself. After that we drew someone else’s masterpiece.IMG_0094.JPG





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