NaBloMoPlo Day 1: France 2016 – Day 3 & 4

Day three also started with watching forty brits gorge themselves on French food while the local workers literally ran around In a panic, didn’t I say coach trips are the wrong kind of of right. After watching the people like at a zoo we all got on the coach again for around three hours and at least point I had such a hatred for the coach and had spent so much time on it, I accepted the time like a life sentence ‘well there’s nothing I can do about it now’. france-editWe finally arrived at our destination, Mont Saint Michel  and it didn’t disappoint. ITs a grand cathedral surrounded by a mini village mainly consisting of tourist shops but there’s around 13 people living in the town. We walked around the entire thing within 30 minutes which tells you how small it is. We were on a guided tour of the city and could go around the cathedral for £13 guided. There’s so much history to the place which I could never describe with any justice, I really recommend going there if you can. The cathedral was very dark so I couldn’t get any good pictures but I have a few ok ones like the featured image. So I’m not doing the place any justice again, it’s really beautiful. It was definitely the high point of the trip and main reason we went, we spent around 8 hours there so we had to go back to the motel straight away as that was pretty far away. Day 4 was just in the coach and driving back to the Eurotunnel and up north to Manchester which took hours as we hit traffic on the way home. So we arrived into Manchester around 7/8 and took the train home. It was definitely a memorable trip and always interesting when you go with quirky people, it was also really good for the money at around £250 each which is a lot less than some of the trips I’ve been with high school back in the day and they were within England.




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