France 2016 – Day 1 & 2

This years trip with the parents was very similar to the once I had as a child, the dreaded coach trip. There always a laugh but not for the right reasons. It’s the classic ‘it’s so bad it’s funny’ story. If you’ve never seen Brits abroad then you won’t have the foggiest idea how awkward and touristy they are.

Coach trips normally consist of fairly old people 60-90, so me and my family were like spring chickens. Which my parents loved because they felt really young. This one started at a surprisingly nice time of morning at 8am, living up north and going down to the euro tunnel normally means a 5am start.


We got to the tunnel at around 1pm and it was surprisingly space aged, I started reading ‘Winter’ the last book in the lunar chronicles so it gave a great atmosphere of 2100. We stopped of at a station to walk around and get food so by the time we got to the hotel it was 10pm. I was pretty unset by this as the trip was only four days and that was the first day over. The only consolation was the fact that it seemed to take three days to get there because we’d been in that coach for so long.

The hotel was an interesting experience, it looked more like those motels you get in America. I was expecting to have a connected room to my parents but I didn’t . It was actually on the top floor a few rooms down, I did film this section of the day because I was weirdly scared. It was a perfectly nice room but the combination of being on my own in a foreign country and in the middle of an industrial site that freaked me out.

The morning lead to better things, we had a full continental breakfP7301402.JPGast where the French freaked out at how much some of the coach could eat. The French are more refined than the English so it’s always a laugh when they come together. We then travelled to Rouen it had beautiful cathedral as was a classic medieval town it really reminded me of a French version of Chester. It had lots of historical sites being a medieval town and I wish we could have seen them all if we had longer there.

We went to two other places after Rouen, which I cant spell right, the first maybe the poshest place I have ever seen. The architecture was very distinct, I’ve never seen this combination before and the P7301631.JPGsame person or company designed the entire town. All of these huge and decadent buildings followed the same grand designs, they even had hundreds of bunnies living in their giant front gardens it was a crazy place that doesn’t look real. We didn’t have long there as the traffic took three hours off our day so we couldn’t stay long, but there wasn’t actually that much to do and the shops we saw were all designer. The only other thing we could see was this busy beach which was surprisingly clean for the amount of people and dogs there.  So of course we got an ice cream because you cant not when at the beach which left us only enough time to walk back the way we came to the coach.

The next place was even nicer, it had a more cultural feel to it, as soon as we got off the coach we were drawn towards this jazz brass band of students in the centre of the square. I loved how passionate they were, they were totally into the music. The fashion was very similar to a festival style, with laid back tie dye and baggy pants. One guy even had a wolf head hat which looked so good that I wanted it for Leeds this year. IMG_2195.JPGThe town was a sea side town so obviously it was famous for its sea food so we went to this really nice small restaurant which I drew the interior of. We all ordered moules-frites   ( mussels and chips) which is an on going joke with my family as we would only order this when we went to France a few years ago, so of course we still always order it because we’re basic. The mussels make a cameo I the France video which I’m still editing as I’m terrible at it. The day pretty much ended with the food as everything else was closed so we bopped around until we got back on the coach and got back to the Bates Motel at 11pm.









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