Hiatus is over.

I’ve written this post around four times now, I’ve never quite gotten it right. Which is my main reason for the hiatus, I’ve had a stressful year of exams ( 11 alevel exams  ) which has caused a lot of paranoia and uncertainty in my creations. I also haven’t made any art work, albeit in frequently made, which I actually thought worked and was my vision. hiatus-copyI’ve had a long while to seperate my college self from my actual one and I’ve come to terms (sort of) with my grades being two grades off predicted and what that disappointment means to me. I’ll be honest I worked my arse off all year and to get what I got I was really devastated. Grades aren’t everything and I’m an art student so I should only concentrate on the art I know I know I know but still ❤️🗡. Life goes on and I’ve had a good summer filled with strange situations which leave me staying ‘This could only happen to me’ and I’ll try and post about the really interesting bits like France. I produced a short video on my trip to branch out and use some video editing skills.  You may also of noticed that I changed the site URL  and colours, I wanted a new change along with a new art course.



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