HELP!!! Need banner.

What I realised I really needed and was sorely missing was a good banner. I need some help with a good concept, I initially thought something bookish but thought it gave too much of a bookblog vibe. Which leaves me with and artish theme the one thing I know but can’t embody sooooo it’s now to these

A) winter vibe 

B) A simple doodle design. floral copy
C) Pallet bander of pallet not squished copy
Please help and pick one, or suggest how I could improve one.

After scheduling this post I have revised a few things, like now knowing I have spelt my blog title wrong in every single banner (I will change this). I also came up with this design :

merged for wordpress copy

Why I thought having a circular design would be I don’t have a clue. Having spent so long on it I thought I’d at least include it in the post but any way here is the finished one from that nearly completely different but spelt correctly © :

D)banner 1 copy




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