The Mime Order Review.


Rating 4.2/5


The sequel to the bone season which I recently reviewed, as second books go it was above average which is nothing less than expected from the recent Oxford graduate Samantha Shannon. It leads on from Paige’s and  other survivors escape from the Shoel 1 colony with this new information on the Rephaim controlling the scion government she wants the mime underworld the syndicate to fight back against this tyranny. But with the syndicate over run with corruption this may become an impossible task, when even her own Mime lord Jaxon Hall ignoring what was right before his eyes.

Written by: Samantha Shannon

Published: 2015

Goodreads rating: 4.19/5

Book series: no.2 of 7

I recently found out that this series will be seven books which I’m over the moon about and am glad this series will get the length it needs to properly finish. I also found this great blog post about a girl called Debby meeting Samantha Shannon and asking a few questions, she seems but more on the ball about the series than me.



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