The Bone Season review.

I bought this book up a while ago and when I went into a book slump after finishing the Infernal devices series, I randomly decided to read The Bone Season ( it was on my floor near my bed and required minimum effort to reach … I’m lazy so what?). It’s a book I heard loads of people talk about but never caught the plot, I can now see why, its intricate and completely different to other books I’ve read. The oxford university graduate created a new world within real settings of London, where she grew up and Oxford, where she studied English. I’m really thrilled that she wrote this while studying and  how she was so young when it was published 21. I believe she deserves all the praise for this book even if a few people on goodreads disagree. I thought it was an original creative plot that left me wanting to read more what more.

Written by: Samantha Shannon

Published: 2012-

Goodreads rating: 4.9/5

Book series: no.1 of 3

Rating 4.9/5


In 2059 Paige is living in Scion London in the mists of a clairvoyance eradication. Clairvoyance is the cause of all trouble, clairvoyance must be destroyed. Having the ability to Dreamwalker Paige is a threat so she does what every gifted criminal does and joins an underground society . The Seven Seals run by Jaxon Hall who develops her gift so she can break into people’s minds and scout for information. She runs the risk of capture  working for the criminal by committing treason everyday but little did she know this life would one day be considered peaceful. When one late night Subway ride leads to her being attacked, drugged and kidnapped. Faced with her new captors does Paige have the will to survive this cut throat place ?



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