Maths inspiration.

I went to the same show last year which fell in my 2014 NaBloPoMo, they’re a series of lectures to get people interested in maths and all the things you can apply it to. Which takes place in Manchester university of music and other venues around England.

Yet again we were one of the few colleges, most were high schools dressed in their uniforms making us look scruffy. I think the whole idea is great especially for the younger audience in high school who haven’t picked their a-levels yet  (we’re stuck with are choice of maths now) to get them interested in taking it into higher education.

The lead was Matt Parker from YouTubes Numberphile show who did not fail to plug that and his new book.

The only female lecturer was Jennifer  Rogers she has appeared on many shows as an expert statistician like in the TV programmes Long Live Britain and Mystery Map.

She basically described how statistics help clinical trials. Defining what were positive results for a drug to be effective and giving the maths behind the general rule in biology  that over 5% in a investigation is a significant difference. Which is something we have to know in biology but it hasn’t been clearly explain, so be actually learnt something new about biology in a maths lecture.

The next lecturer was Paul Shepherd a top engineer whose worked on the Rio Olympics roof he showed the complex mathematical reasoning behind these huge structures of why they look a certain way and use the least amount of material.

Our mind were then blown in the last segment by Matt Parker when he described the forth dimension making us working out the number of edges a 4D cube would have. Then showing us shadows of what a 4D cube would look like from net to shape, but in 3Dimension ( it makes sense trust me). So here’s some 4D animations: first one is a 4D going through 3D. Let your mind be blown and yer we wont ever be able to see 4d in an actual 4D way.


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