NaBloPoMo Day 29: Infernal Devices Review

This is a series I started almost two years ago, I completely loved the series but stopped around a hundred pages to the end. When I feel a series isn’t going in a good direction I just stop reading in fear that the book will get ‘ruined’. I should of had more faith in writer Cassandra Clare, who also wrote ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series. After picking up and continuing the final book in the series it picked up again and I easily finished it.

Written by: Cassandra Clare

Published: 2010-2013

Goodreads rating: 4 /5

Book series: no.3 of 3

Rating 4/5


The series centres around as she was kidnapped as soon as she lands in London 1878 while looking for her brother Nathaniel. She’s rescued by the smart mouthed Will Herondale a Shadow hunter who bring her back to the London institute run by Charlotte Branwell . Tessa’s soon plunged head first into a world she’s never known about while discovering not all that’s supernatural is fiction. With demon hunting shadow hunters on her side she’s determined to find out the truth out her brother and why they would want her.


After reading the end I can’t help but feel this strange emptiness when it ended. Don’t get me wrong I liked the ending even if I forgot Tessa is a warlock and it came as I shock. I just felt hallow that everyone died around her and all she could do would watch and how lonely and experience that would be. It basically made me think of my own mortality and how I wouldn’t want to live forever for anything, but I fear ageing even if will did it gracefully I don’t want my body to gradually fail me.  It was still a good conclusion that made me feel the series was completely conclude which is my favourite thing. What are your thoughts on the series, and about the up and coming Mortal Instruments TV series ?


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