NaBloPoMo Day 28: Knit and stitch show

Thursday was the first and ( thankfully ) last trip I’ve ever been on with Textiles a-level. Knit and stitch is a trade show in Harrogate Yorkshire a beautiful  traditional town. It shows some of the nicest traditional English styled buildings that do appear around where I live but no in such a IMG_3813quantity. Harrogate is quite a distance from Manchester and the driver went through Leeds so the drive from took around an hour forty-five.




The show was held in a many halled and many level international centre, stuffed full of exhibits by range of textiles based artists. These are a few I managed to take pictures of before the hall became packed.

It made me really look at their techniques and how I can replicate them in my own work. The styles of the artists there were so varied its easy to see that you can produce almost anything in any style and make it unique. IMG_3794Seeing all the stalls set up was really inspiring and has given me some more ideas on what I can add to my Urban Decayed dress which I will be posting ‘How to create a pattern template’ step by step when I actually make it. The Harrogate International centre was one of the largest I have been to, after the first hall we quickly saw how big it actually was with numerous halls filled with artists and stalls selling textiles equipment/fabrics. Many we’re just too expensive for art students so no one got much but it was good just having a look and seeing the range of products you didn’t know existed to help create these pieces of art. After leaving the halls we went down to the basement level where the workshops were taking place. If I properly planned this trip I would of picked one to join, the cheapest being £12 most expensive £25. A lot of these classes were things we get to learn in our lessons, which made me see how much of a practical a-level Textiles is and how many people want to learn the skills that I sometimes take for granted.  After we went around the basement we went back up and surprisingly found a theatre hall.

This is again a more traditional theatre which made me feel nostalgic of my childhood spent around places like this. Primary may not of taught me how to spell but it did give me a strangely theatrical childhood.

We didn’t end up eating in the theatre which is what it was now set up to be a restaurant, but in Nando’s up the road.After a pretty idyllic afternoon the coach back was well…traumatic. Yet again we went through Leeds city centre and got stuck in rush hour traffic so it took and hour just to get through it. We were then five cars behind a major car crash which stopped for an hour + , but we were in a more panicked state. We couldn’t quite see what was going on but 15 minutes after we stopped services started to arrive, in total 3 ambulances 3 fire engines ( to cut the people out of a family car ) and 5 police cars. When we went past on the hard shoulder we saw that everybody was cut out except one who was on a gurney . After that we drove into fog where we couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of us freaking everyone out further. It ended up taking three hours to get back I now don’t know how to take the day, but I will try and think about the positives more than the negatives on the day.


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