NaBloMoPlo Day 20: Redbubble.

For around a year now I’ve been uploading small designs to Redbubble an online site where anyone can upload art and they print it onto several items like T-shirts and cards etc. People can then buy your designs the artists gets around 25% you can up this but it ups the price for the customer as well. This is my profile : TextilesTalk.

I really recommend this site for people who like to draw fan art connecting to TV/Films. That’s were I get basically all my commissions form its a nice bit of extra money but probably not enough for someone to make a career out of. It’s also not really suitable for artists own work unless their really good at self promotion. I think this has to do with tagging and most customers seem to want fan art. This is what I have experienced so far but I would I’m still a novice. I only do this in my spare time and my profile really needs updating and changing. These are a few of my designs their quite cutesy ©.halloween crimmmmmm near complete copy.jpgmy name is minho for redbubbLle.jpgcrimmmmmm near complete copy.jpg


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