NaBloPoMo Day 13: British awkwardness. 

You may think that we’re a refined nation but no it’s just good old awkwardness that’s making us not talk. It’s a long running tradition that we keep to our selves and if anyone does try and enter our bubble it doesn’t go well. Hence why random people don’t talk to each other on the street and most are taken aback when in even a light conversation. So if I don’t respond to your comments smoothly or’normally’ then that’s why, I’ve got the case of Britishness. I’m trying to break through this however, by most of my year leaving I’ve been forced to talk to others which is a little weird and liberating I can reinvent myself into anyone. I’m the type of person whose so weirdly worried about a persons concept of me and their feelings, that I wouldn’t even leave anonymous hate for anyone. So leaving comments here and there over WordPress is kinda a big thing for me so if you happen to get one, sorry if you feel it’s a little weird I’m not used to them.  


6 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Day 13: British awkwardness. 

  1. I guess this is part of the huge draw of anonymous blogging. It’s so liberating having a safe space to voice thoughts and feelings. You won’t have to be confronted with a-holes – they can be deleted with the click of a button 😀


  2. Where exactly in Britain are you from? I’ve lived in Aberdeen for four years, and never met strangers as friendly and talkative to other strangers as I have there. So I don’t think this ‘etiquette’ described in your post should nor could, be applied to most Brits. What I did notice, though, is that this is sort of the case in Nottingham. Been here for almost half a year, and after the warmth I’ve experienced for so long up there, it’s kinda weird to have to adapt to such mannerisms.


    • Yer I live a bit north of there in Manchester. But I’ve also found other places to be really friendly like Liverpool I swear everyone is a comedian and really chatty. That’s the only place I’ve experienced it but hopefully I can go to Aberdeen one day.

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