NaBloPoMo Day 12: APPS

App’s I can’t ‘live’ with out, since getting an iPhone I now know what user friendly means and can kind of understand how some people can’t get off them. So here’s my top 10 favorite apps.

1.Snapchat- its really convenient at only needs wifi there are rumors saying all pictures sent are stored so be careful

2. Messenger – again just easy when I don’t have peoples numbers.

3.Tumblr- add me

4.Fallout shelter- A really addivting game thats free and has really good graphics .

5.Manga rock – There’s a load of manga to choose from and the chapters available are the same ones used by kissmanga and other site like it so no quality is lost.

6. Viki- Best place to watch kdrama’s I would put it higher if I wasn’t Top 10 phone apps.

7.Wordpress- Again would be higher but I prefer to type on a keyboard.

8.Duolingo – The best language app I’ve tried by FAR, I just dont have enough free time to fully enjoy it.

9.Pig farm – You shoot some pigs and you raise them whats not to enjoy??

10.Find my iPhone


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