NaBloPoMo Day11: Hospital.

So I’ve done it again and missed a day turns out life is a little hectic and doesn’t stick to my schedules. After being swamped with work yesterday I was pretty free today and I was fortunate to have a half day so I could see my friend in hospital. Like classic friend duties I brought her lots of and a stack of graphic novels/ manga to read as I know she loves them.ย She was doing a lot better than I expected so I’m pretty relieved, she’s been there for nearly a week now (she didn’t tell me straight away when in happened I would have gone sooner) so she’s ready to make her great escape.

She just started doing biomedical at university so is also curious at all the medical process so at least that will keep her semi interested. Unfortunately she is every aware of what their doing and how it supposed to go and is a little hyper aware when it doesn’t go well. But all in all I’m pretty impressed with how’s she’s taking it I don’t know if she’d open up at how distress she is in front of my but maybe seeing a familiar face makes it better. She did tell me how traumatic it been though. With being left in A & E for 7 hours with no pain relief with a broken back and having her first night in an open ward which was noise and she soon became sleep deprived. She’s now in a private room (bit posh) and it’s pretty peaceful. As soon as she’s home I think the whole situation will get better which will in turn make her feel better. That’s two of us down I wonder whose next ??


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