NaBloPoMo Day5 : UKMT

Its been one of those never ending days, that started with false feeling that it’s Friday. So through out may day I was very disappointed that I had so may lessons, with each coming unexpectedly after the other. This was all followed up by the UKMT exam, the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust. It’s an optional exam where your awarded a Bronze, Sliver or Gold if you’ve got so may marks right. It’s also multiple choice however if you’ve answered and its wrong marks are deducted, so I was too scared to answer half of them ( cos I’m chicken ). These questions are really strange and aren’t maths that’s classically taught in college, It’s hard to describe but the night before we were given past questions which I didn’t do. There’s apparently even revision guides on how to pass this exam (who new) but for my college entering is a bit of fun and a way to get another certificate for UCAS.  If you want to learn more you can go here :

I understand things like this, but I still feel there’s too much pressure put on exams and doing well on the day. That’s its not the be all and end all there’s so much more a person can do and offer but are made to feel bad if they cant do a certain academic subject or test well. I also think there’s not enough importance put on the arts, these people are just good/better at that than the more conventional academic topics, and can be just as smart if not smarter than people who have taken a more academic way in life. I just think there’s more to a person than there exam results but a lot of universities will completely look past a person if they don’t have the grades but then again you don’t have to go to uni. Anyway can you tell I’m freaking out a little about UCAS ???


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