NaBloPoMo Day4 : Pound shop beauty products.

Right that might sound like a gross idea to buy something that might go on your face/nails for something that only cost pound. But here’s why its not, there’s actually great things you can find there which tend to be available for a few weeks/days so I recommend buying them when you see them. By great I mean great, this stuff if from well known expensive brands including Maybelline and tons of Disney stuff. I’ve been wondering how its ended up in these shops but I have learnt not to question the system of the pound shop .

Heres some of what I have got so far (excuse the dirty desk and bad lighting it gets dark at 4pm now) :  DSCF1022Maybelline eye liner, which is all in Japaneses which is why I’m guessing it was cheap, you can get at boots here: for £8.99

DSCF1018These are perfumed nail varnishes which aren’t very strong so you’ll have to sniff your nails, which could look very strange to smell them. I already own I Gold one, number 110, which you can get at boots here: for £6.49 which is what I originally did.

DSCF1019More eye liner which I got a few months ago in Scotland. I really recommend these as I can actually do my eyes with these and make them look half decent while normally when I try, its a bit of a mess. You can get at boots here: for £6.99

Rimmel Apocalips matte Lip Lacquer, this again is a great product I would buy full price. You can get at boots here: for £6.49

DSCF1021This face mask is just so kawaii and I dunno where else you can but it from but they are still available at the shop.


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