NaBloPoMo Day3: Anime for beginners

Ever wanted to get into anime but never knew where to start well this is for you. A quick list of what I think are the best anime to watch if you’ve never watched any before ( does not include any shows with umm tentacle activities in it ).

  1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (theirs two different stories and this one is better)

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Suitable if you like:ย  action fantasy,magic, science,

2. Attack on titan – there’s a reason its popular

Attack on Titan

Suitable if you like: , postapocalyptic dystopian worlds, action fantasy, GIANTS

3. Blue exorcist ( easy to get in to and like many classic good action/adventure stories)

Suitable if you like: Comedy, demons, action, adventure,high school life

4.Ouran high school host club (can seem a little bit too much at first but you’ll soon get in to the style of comedy)

Suitable if you like: Comedy, romance, satire, high school life

5. Tokyo ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

Suitable if you like: dark horror, supernatural elements

Last but not least anything by Studio Ghibli, those guys are legends for a reason. I was lucky enough to watch Howls moving castle when it came out in UK cinemas when I was a kid and was hooked ever since.


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