NaBloPoMo: Day 2 First day back.

First day back was slightly less stressful than I thought it would be after the half term holiday. There was still a little bit of the ‘oh no I’ve forgotten how to write’ feel to my lessons but the same could be said for my teachers. With the interactive white boards that weren’t synced, projectors were off and slides that kept deleting important symbols in maths. It all led to everyone putting in half  effort. 

But my day of ‘fun’ started with this :  

It seems england is trying to re-create the Scottish mores at the moment (yay pollution). I then got to college surprisingly soaked and had booklet all about happiness and ‘What it means to you’ in form. It’s this American programme they’ve just put in place which actually demotivats everyone which is unsurprising with such part patronising lessons on how to be happy and tips on how to be nice to people.
After suffering through that I meant my friend who used her make a wish, and got a message of a Korean group called BTS. Which was one of the nicest messages I’ve seen and heard, the guy tried so hard and you new he really wanted to get the English perfect as well. These guys have really gone up in my books, they seem really nice. 

When I finished awwwing, I left for biology where we stumbled through inheritance with a really off board. And cappin the day off with intergration in maths, which I’m enjoying a lot more than trig. We did the product rule and the chain rule which are straight forward after you get through the method.


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