NaBloPoMo: Day 1

NaBloPoMo November 2015

So it ‘s that time of year again for  National Blog Posting Month which is a pretty tough but enjoyable challenge. I’m actually pretty impressed that I managed to enter it and do nearly every day last year, after only having this blog for a few months before. I thoroughly recommend this challenge and its proven even a complete novice can take part and still do pretty well. The whole idea is to stretch your ability of blogging and definitely makes you think out side the box when you have to post EVERY day. It’s best to register here : Where it says Blogroll form, you don’t have to register to participate but  there are great reasons to, like the readership increase that comes with being part of the large BlogHer community or the prizes ( only available to United States and the District of Columbia )

This year I am aiming to make every post every day interesting, even though Mock week is during this month I’ll try and keep the ranting to a minimal.  I wish I had a longer/ better introduction but I went to Chester today, which should make an interesting post tomorrow, so I’m #shattered but I’ll see you tomorrow and then tomorrows tomorrow and tomorrows tomorrow tomorrow… well you get the idea.


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