The Last Ever After (The School for Good and Evil)

school for

The third and final book in the school for good and evil series, which shows Sophie and Agatha in fighting again to find their happily ever never after. I think it shows that I don’t quit enjoy this book as much as the first, in the time it took me to finish and review this book compared to the others. It all started to fall part a quarter of the way through and I just wanted to preserve the magic of the first book and so I put off the ending, which did turn out to be disappointing. Before I go into that I will tell you the synopsis:

The story starts with the forced exile of Tedros and Agatha back to Gavladon by the evil School master concluding a year of Agatha and Sophie being pulled apart trying to find their happy ever after. Agatha finally has her prince it’s not all its cracked up to be, after months of being camped out in the graveyard house they soon become agitated and argumentative with each other, with Tedros desperate to return and Agatha desperate to find her happily ending to home. But soon there arguing comes to a conclusion/close after the town Elders find and kidnap them which forces them back to the storybook kingdom.

With the girls apart the story has stopped but not closed and with the School Master ,Evil has taken over and the villains of the past have come back to change their tales and turn the world of Good to evil.With old Evers being hunted and murdered and Nevers are reigning supreme,the balance needs to restored and with an unfinished storybook it could be an end to them all.

Written by: Soman Chainani

Published: 2015

Goodreads rating: 4.45 /5

Book series: no.3 of 3

Rating 3/5

So yer I was disappointed with this book which is why I gave it such a low rating, but after reading reviews my opinions changed slightly. It did manage to conclude every plot twist/hole well and it was as easy to read as the last two but it left me wanting more. Which is the opposite in what I want in a book series, I like them to be fully concluded and no room for another story. However this wasn’t what happened.I felt the ending was way to rushed and the separation of the two leads were quick and weirdly final when I honestly thought they’d stick together till the end. The farewell wasn’t up to much and nor were Sophies ending words, to me she will be selfish to the end and I just cant relate to that at all. So much for love in a friendship being enough.

The ending was so quick that I thought a page or two were missing and made me think a new book was being written. That is not the case this is all we get, so my only hope now is a better ending in the film.It all reminds me of the Harry Potter series which I still feel she never really concluded because she couldn’t and that its still going on in her head. They both ended with hollow endings which apparently some people didn’t mind in the comments on Goodreads, and if your reading this thinking I have it all wrong please tell me what I’m missing.


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