I’m finding it harder and harder to keep posting while in college with the work load being as extreme as it is. So in this post and probably others to come I wanted to talk about my classes, as that’s one of only a few things in experiencing at the moment. I don’t know if this is true for many people but it always takes me a few months to get back into things and balance between social and educational needs so I turn into a little bit of a recluse.

One of my subjects that tends to be slightly less work than the other and the comedic release of the day, is textiles. With a class of only nine we end up being louder than both of my other classes combined. It’s the place where being social can spark creativity and the majority of my art is produced. Which currently includes embellishment samples  from our chosen theme.

My theme is Urban Decay for a change and includes material distressing and batiking ( hot wax which when dries you can fabric paint on top of and iron off where the wax is leaving the fabric unpainted). Today I was making samples to go on to my design loosely based off another artists, which basically involves making more embellishments .

The top one is made from paper which I won’t use in my design but it demonstrates why the artist was doing. I will use the second one, where I made inverted pleats and tack stitched them down and fabric painted them. I’m probably going to use the embellisher and add felt to the ends to the muslin fabric and add stitches.This series of techniques is whats going to form the bulk of my design and earn me a high grade as you have to show a range of different skills and techniques for a high grade. Currently I’m targeted an A* which I could maybe get if it weren’t for the exam, but fingers crossed already that I will. The next step now is to design the actual product which will be a dress and designed tomorrow / weekend. Which I’ll try and post the process to and eventually in the following months show how it will be made including pattern cutting which shouldn’t be as hard as last year.


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