Leeds festival part two.

Now the fun part the bands.

We came earlyish arriving at 11 after taking a train from Manchester for 1h 44mins which was and then a ‘direct’ bus to the festival which was £7 ‘cheap day ticket’. The site was pretty empty which really confused me, but the acts weren’t playing yet and most of the weekenders were still hungover and in their tents. We looked around the place at the different tents and the pop up shops to get are bearings. What surprised me was the size, it wasn’t that big, at least to me it wasn’t and it was literally one field. Which reminded me of every camping holidays with the family and made me relax. We then made are way to the main stage to watch Mariachi le brox, with a scarily small crowd, I felt bad for them but it meant we could sit at the side while I ate having a full view of the band.

After that we didn’t have anyone we particular wanted to see and ended up in a tent watching Hunter and the bear. Who were amazing, the singer had the best voice out of everyone we saw that day and their unfortunately they didn’t have as much promotion compared to other bands.

Then saw the last few songs by The roamona flower at the dance tent, another band I hadn’t heard of but enjoyed. My friend then wanted to see Echosmith an American band which weren’t my cup of tea, she was playing mainly to the camera and not the audience so I never really felt the connection live music gives. She sang their only well known song last, which was too short according to my friend who was a little disappointed, as we watched her literally run off stage the second it ended. The signer also twirled a umbrella around for some songs which really confused me and our other friend. They weren’t bad however and you cant fault their enthusiasm, the music just isn’t what I like.

By some miracle we bumped into one of my best friends who was going around with other people, when coming out of the tent. It turned out her phone was basically broken and couldn’t contact me. We chatted and she introduced me to her friends who we soon parted from to watch Palma violets. Now my view on them is slightly biased I guess I haven’t heard many of their songs,. Now to me they sounded like they were trying to be The smiths, who are big icons especially from where I come from but we were nearish the front at the main stage around 20 heads away. So I wasn’t that impressed, they were also drunk and probably high while flopping around on stage, but their vocals never wavered which made me doubt how genuine the swaying was. Unfortunately the same could not be said for the crowd, who looked like the cast of my college, which are right wing hipsters who are scarily un-diverse. They were all off their face, smoking weed and a few wobbles from falling on someone. That was at least the people near us, it was an interesting experience which I didn’t hate it just wasn’t very fun.

The next act on was Panic at the disco all the hipsters left by then so we were even closer to the stage they were really good, his voice was also amazing they were a lot more professional. The crowd got a lot bigger and more compact I was basically stood on my bag, they were really engaging the audience and had everyone going mental to bohemian rhapsody.

All Time Low were up next more people came and left so we were 6 heads from the front and tightly quashed on all sides. Its the second time I’ve seen them and I still don’t know a single song I mentioned this and a die hard fan girl in front looked like she could kill me. They were engaging as ever I enjoyed it but wasn’t quite as into it compared to Panic, when suddenly after talking to the crowd he suggest a Mosh pit, one small one broke out during palma violets… This one however was a large circle that had me on the out side and my friends behind, the words oh shit came to mind as I picked up my bag preparing for the worse. There was a lot of shoving and bouncing between people across the entire front, there was no getting away. Lets just say we felt like we’d been through something after the band finished. One of friends was not to pleased and I just laughed because what else can you do in such a weird situation. We ended up nearer the front than before and it was so tight there was no room to breathe, everyone was boiling. the girls behind then went mental though out the last songs and when they picked people out. One was all over the back of me and leaning over, hitting me in the face, it got to the point where it made me feel a little embarrassed because she also wasn’t wearing much. Same with the girl next to my friend her boobs were going every where and she full on whacked my friend in the face.

After it ended it took ten minutes to get out of there, which felt a lot longer, where we all collapsed at the top of the incline to eat. We sat and talked listening to Bastille playing while we were half dead, by some miracle nothing bad had happened nothing lost or damaged in anyone’s bag. We managed to get up and move across the field to the bbc 1 tent to watch Peace leaving my friend to stay with her mates for the rest of the day. I have been wanting to Peace now for over a year so I was pretty happy that I got the opertunity to, the tent was pretty filled and had a good crowd of people.

We then caught the last hour of Alt-J where we stood towards the back discussing the time which we needed to leave. Before they finished we went around the barrier and into the main crowd snaking through so we were in the middle towards the end for Mumford and Sons so we could make our get away. As assumed Mumford were EPIC but we couldn’t say till the end we had to leave for the train which was the big let down of the day. I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to see them again but if I really want it I’ll make it happen. The shuttle took less time as there was no traffic or ques to get it, so we arrived at the station and got hot drinks from Maccy d’s. The train was PACKED and a pregnant women, women with an baby and her family were sat in our reserved seats, which really put us in a bad position so we didn’t say anything. Luckily they got off at the first stop after 15 minutes but then some annoying girls from the Peace crowd tried to get them, so I politely said they shouldn’t and thankfully they didn’t put up a fuss . We all got in at around 1:30 am and I’m fairly sure they were as tired as I was, It was a really memorable and good day. It ended up costing a lot but it was worth it I want to save up and go next year but for the weekend instead.


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