Leeds festival part one.

Sorry this was in my drafts from ages ago:
Me and a few of my friends decided to go on the Saturday of Leeds festival, as its one of the better festivals that’s near where we live. For two of us it was our first festival and it was convenient that we went just for the day and could ‘test’ it out first, the only reason we went for just a day is because we’re students so we’re skint.
I think the earliest the site was open was Thursday on wards with an early pass so we came pretty late in the weekend compared to those that went from the beginning. It was my first festival and I learnt a lot about the do’s and don’ts of going there for the day at least.
First off is the outfit this is what I wanted to wear.


And this is what I did wear.

I went for more practical clothing which I don’t regret as the weather is very temperamental right now. It wasn’t the prettiest thing but i wanted to enjoy my self and if it was too cold I wouldn’t of done. Next thing is the backpack, DON’T WEAR ONE. Just please don’t be that person ( like I was ) A. Mine was stuffed with veggie food so it was huge B. anyone can mess with it when your all pushed together in a crowd C. there heavy D. more stuff = more stuff to be robbed. Luckily I didn’t bring anything that expensive except my iphone ( in its sturdy case ) which had its tracker on. I wouldn’t recommend bringing anything else valuable like a camera, phones normally have built in ones and it isn’t worth the risk. The backpack was a hassle through out the day and was still heavy even after I ate. when we were watching a band and there was a largish crowd I put it on the ground in between my feet so I didn’t annoy anyone behind me. I only got away with that because of my age = cant afford nice stuff and because it was huge it was obvious there was more than just valuables in there. next time ill either just use a small bang or pockets with a nokia phone.


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