A World Without Princes (The School for good and evil book 2)

After returning to Gavaldon both Sophie and Agatha find life back home less than what they had been expecting. With a year of knights, princesses and an evil School Master, life in the village seems to average too normal .Both soon find village life a struggle when everyone left behind had moved on with their lives. And on the night of Sophie’s fathers big day a wish was made and heard by someone in the magical fairytale land. After being hunted by men in red back to the schools, they find them completely flipped up side down. The school are divided by girls vs.boys, who have been thrown out of their fairy tales by their princesses and both on the brink of war. More than that, the headmaster of Good Mrs Doovey has been outed by Dean Sader the new dictator whose forcing her bias opinions on the girls she teaches. This time the girls are on their own to find their happily ever after.

Written by: Soman Chainani

Published: 2014

Goodreads rating: 4.13 /5

Book series: no.2 of 3

Rating 3.5/5

Many of the girls values were very interesting and empowering : girls can choose to dress as they please, wear make-up for their own enjoyment or wear none at all ( love Bellatrix complete change in this way),they are taught how to be strong and self-sufficient (as no one was going to ‘save’ them), they relied on each other a lot more than when the boys were around, with the elimination of rivalry to ‘catch’ a prince they grew stronger because of it.

But it’s all over shadowed by more extreme, ideals: all men are evil and should be eliminated; men prevented women from reaching their own happily-ever-afters; women have been unwitting slaves to men, miss treated the entire time. The male characters were just the same except the worse ‘qualities’ came out, where they became brutish and cold with a unending hatred for females.

Its the most unequal of ideals that makes all the progressive ideals look like a joke, and I don’t know if the author was playing up to the ‘ men hating feminists’ stereotype. Or if he was making a joke about the subtle decline of both genders when separated and that they need EACH other (every combination of people working together)  to survive and have a happy ever after for everyone.


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