10p book haul #5

So there was a huge sale on at the book/thrift shop in a near by town and I took full advantage. There were three shelves of hard and paper backs all for 10p which is ridiculous. To be honest I could of stayed there all day looking through the every title but I had to stop at a point. For once I went for the more ‘teen’ books instead of murder and classics.

The big bag of books, which I had to drop off at the car.

The first six books are a mixture of books I’d probably buy and the ones that looked ok/worth a try. I am always looking for agatha Christie books and this one is also a hard back, so i had to get it even though i think its from a library. I have never heard of ‘Distant Waves’ but the cover enticed me and it’s set in the titanic an we all know how that goes.I’m also really interested in ‘Insatiable’ based on the supernatural life of Meena Harper who can see people’s destiny. The only down side is it involves vampires and after twilight I never want a YA book about them again.

These next six I would probably buy all of, i have heard really good this about ‘Dash and Lily’s book of dares’ and ‘sliver linings play book’. The other four revolve around Gossip girl in some way, its my new obsession on Netflix at the moment. The bottom white books are written by the same author Cecily von Ziegesar, are based on Jenny when she goes to another school, leaving the cast of Gossip girl in the television series. The other two are part of the ‘Private’ series, based at a boarding school for the rich. I have heard a little about the series but i think its much the same, bitchie girls and drama.

Last three books are ones I liked to buy but never got around to it books. the first in the Libba Bray series which i have heard tons of stuff about its 1800’s meets super natural which sounds pretty interesting. second book is the second in the Lux series, also about high society and secrets,I starting to think this shop has a running theme. Last book is ‘Everything beautiful’ which I can honestly say I have never heard of. Its about Riley Roses summer at Spirit Ranch Holiday Camp where she really doesn’t want to be and joins forces with Dylan Luck whose recently become paraplegic. In total all the books cost £1.40 so around $2.17 which is really good to say the least. If there are any good vampire books apart from the original Bram Stoker then please tell me I’m currently craving vampires with the run up to Halloween.


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