Book review: The School for Good and Evil

This maybe the first or second book review, but I feel like I don’t really know how to do them so bear with. Depending on how well it goes I might do them for all the books I read, but don’t be fooled this is still my personal blog. No matter how many book bloggers I follow and the mountain of books it wont over come this blog , I started with it personal and I will end it that way, now the review .

The School for Good and Evil

Written by: Soman Chainani

Published: 2013

Goodreads rating: 3.97/5

Book series: no.1 of 3

The School for good and evil is about Agatha and Sophie who live in a small village where once every four years two children have been taken. The only connection with the disappearances is one has always been fair and good while the other one dark and evil. After decades of searching for an answer to the disappearances the towns children started recognising the missing children in their fairy tales. Sophie dreams of becoming a princess and being taken by the School Master, while Aggie prefers to lurk in her house with her cat as the only form of living contact. But worried about her only friend being taken Agatha goes to Sophie’s house to protect her on the night he’s supposed to come. When the School Master both are taken and their lives turned upside down, Agatha knows nothing bad can happen while with Sophie and desperately hatches a plan to get home. While Sophie dreams of meeting her prince charming and what lessons are in store for her at the School for Good.

Rating 4.9/5

I really liked this book, I’ve always been obsessed with fairy tales. More so the works by the Grimm brothers than Disney and as the writer has said his books are the medium between the two. I thought it was very imaginative and couldn’t see where the book was going to go at any point while reading it. Other books of the fairy tale genre seem to obvious while this is a modern fairy tale masterpiece that’s as good as the classics.  The down sides to this is that’s its for younger reads ‘middle school’ don’t really know what that age is we don’t have that in England but it’s younger than me. But you can at times ignore that fact, their is violence and villainy that’s as good as any adult could give.With curses and manipulation that at a very high level, the children of the School for evil are the best of the best and so are some of the girls in Good who enjoy shunning people they don’t understand. So in ways its more realistic than some contemporary book, so I full heartedly recommend this book.


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