Top kdramas

These are of my own opinion and I’ve not seen them all so please don’t be annoyed if your favorites aren’t on the list. I mainly watch Kdramas on an app called Viki, I searched high and low looking for a good place to watch them, I’ve seen a few dramas via youtube but the quality has always been a bit iffy and they can be taken down at any time for copyright restrictions. These dramas are in no order and from around  2015- 2007, so are across many years and as I’ve only been watching them for a few years I haven’t seen them all. The ones that have a ♥ next to them are my particular favorites and ones I recommend the most. More are to be added I just wanted to post it first as it’s within kmonth.

Playful kiss  ♥       no.episodes: 23

Jung So-min – Oh Ha-ni
Kim Hyun-joong – Baek Seung-jo
Lee Tae-sung –  Hwang Geum-hee
Lee Si-young –  Yoon Hae-ra                                                                                         Lee Tae-sung –  Bong Joon-gu


A clumsy sweet high school girl named Oh Ha-ni who is at the bottom of her class has had a crush on a popular and top of the class Baek Seung-jo, even though shes chased by the devoted Bong Joon-gu.Ha-ni decides finally to confess through a letter, but is rejected rudely by Seung-jo, who tells her that he hates stupid girls and returns the letter having corrected all of her grammatical and spelling mistakes and grading her with a D-.

when her new house falls down she and her father are forced to takes his friends offer of living with his family, who turn out to be Seung-jo’s parents. As they now live in the same house it leads to lots of awkward and quirky situation.

Princess hours- Goong        no.episodes: 26

Yoon Eun-hye – Shin Chae-kyeong
Ju Ji-hoon – Crown Prince Lee Shin
Kim Jeong-hoon– Hwi-Sung Dae Goon
Song Ji-hyo – Min Hyo-rin


In an alternative version of Korea they have a monarchy where Shin Chae-kyeong faces tradition, political upset and rivalry. where the Royal family lives in goong, the story starts at the sudden death of the reigning king which sets in motion, a series of events that starts unraveling the royal family from within. to stop the political unrest and improve the image of the royalty the prince must find a wife. After the former king promised his old friend the next crown princes hand in marriage would go to his grand daughter, Shin Chae-kyeong is pushed into this new world of tradition head first.

All is calming down, when everything is turned on its head as the former Crown prince returns after 14 years living abroad. After his father died his title was given to his cousin Lee Shin and him and his mother were forced out the palace soon after the death his mother is out to get what she believes is hers.

You’re beautiful         no.episodes: 16

Park Shin-hye – Go Mi-nyeo
Jang Keun-suk- Hwang Tae-kyung
Lee Hong-gi- Jeremy
Jung Yong-hwa- Kang Shin-woo


Starts at a convent, when Go Mi-nyeo ( gemma) and Go Mi-nam twins, are left they have to go out and face the world alone Gemma stays at the convent when Go Mi-nam hones his craft and comes into a chance of becoming a Korean idol.As popular idol group A.N.JELL management insists in adding a new member as the lead singer . However Mi-nam has gone to America in order to correct his botched plastic surgery,leaving his manager to hunt down his sister in his place to sign the contract. Gemma agrees to the cover as she doesn’t want to let down her brother. With the groups leader feeling snubbed and angered that management think a new member is needed he wont make life easy for Gemma.

To the beautiful you     ( my first kdrama)     no.episodes:16


Sulli – Goo Jae-hee
Minho – Kang Tae-joon
Lee Hyun-woo – Cha Eun-gyeol


Goo Jae-hee is a runner with a dream of seeing Kang Tae-joon do the long jump after seeing him win gold at the Olympic games. She decides to give up everything and move from American to Korea to join the prestigious sports academy, the only catch is it’s an all boys school. She arrives at the school to find a rather sharp … who is now forced to give up his room and share with Goo Jae-hee. Not used to shareing anything .. ttries his best to get rid of … but soon becomes freinds with the kind hearted …. heart

Heartstrings    ♥        no.episodes:15+ special

Heartstrings Promotional Poster.jpg

Park Shin-hye – Lee Gyu-won
Jung Yong-hwa – Lee Shin

So Yi-hyun – Jung Yoon-soo


Lee Gyu-won goes to the prestigious musical college as a gayageum player working towards a Traditional Korean Music degree, and the granddaughter of one of the top 3 traditional musicians of his age a renound gayageum player.

In contrast Lee Shin is a modern music major and lead singer of ‘the stupid’. As Lee Gyu-won friends are fans of the band she is forced to go to the bands concert with them. As things unravel they end up meeting more and more after a tragic death of one of Lee Gyu-won teachers, she makes a bet in a fit of anger that traditional music is better than modern. As people find out about the bet the college is pitted against each other.

My thoughts

I watched this straight after ‘Your beautiful’ as it has two of the same actors but in a new dynamic. I think its better as ,,,, was a lot stronger a character and I think Park got to show off more of her acting ability

Master’s son ♥   no.episodes:17

Sun of the Lord-poster.jpg

Gong Hyo-jin – Tae Gong-shi
So Ji-sub – Joo Jоong-won

Seo In-guk – Kang Woo

Kim Yoo-ri -Tae Yi-ryung


Summed up in four words ‘ I see dead people’ Tae Gong-shi Is a desperate women who has the unfortunate ability to see ghosts after a tragic accident. She will do anything to get rid of them, which she doesn’t believe possible until she meets Joo Jоong-won CEO of Kingdom, a corporation that also includes a major department store and hotel. A single touch from him makes the ghost disappear. Once she’s met him she can’t let go, and she ends up injecting herself into his life until before he knows it she’s always there. However does her savour also have a dark secret of his own.

Coffee prince♥♥


Coffee Prince.jpg

Yoon Eun-hye –  Go Eun-chan
Gong Yoo – Choi Han-kyul
Lee Sun-kyun – Choi Han-sung
Chae Jung-an – Han Yoo-joo /
Kim Chang-wan – Hong Gae-shik
Kim Dong-wook – Jin Ha-rim
Kim Jae-wook – Noh Sun-ki
Lee Eon – Hwang Min-yeop


Eun-chan, a tomboyish girl is mistaken for a boy by the grandson and heir to Han-kyul coffee. His grandmother in an attempt to get her lazy grandson to stop laying around and actually do something worth while, she forces him on blind dates. Instead of refusing he rebels and pays Eun-chan,to pretend to be his boyfriend in hope that it’ll push all the women on his dates away. Eun-chan is the main breed winning she takes every job she can including  taekwondo teacher, waitress, and food delivery . As the taekwondo cleared with out paying her she is in desperate need for money and reluctantly accepts the job.

During this period her old friend drops by and asks for help with his coffee shop, as her plans of marriage for him failed it gave her the idea  to give . Han-kyul an ultimatum, forcing him to triple the revenue of the coffee shop to prove that he’s capable.As Han-kyul takes over a rundown old coffee shop, later renamed “Coffee Prince,” (like the title), he completely transforms it in to a modern space. In order to attract female customers, he only hires good-looking male employees. Eun-chan, desperate for money, continues to hide her gender to get a job at Coffee Prince.

Dream High                              no.episodes: 16


DreamHigh PromotionalPoster.png

Suzy – Go Hye-mi
Kim Soo-hyun – Song Sam-dong
Taecyeon – Jin-guk/Hyun Shi-hyuk
Eunjung – Yoon Baek-hee
Wooyoung – Jason
IU – Kim Pil-sook

Idol drama


Based in a music school, we are first introduced to Go Hye-mi who aspires to bbecome an opera singer however her father has gotten in trouble with the local gangsters and skipped town. this leaves her to look after her younger sister while there house is being repossessed, the gangsters try and bank in her fathers loan by using her talent. they make a plan to sen her to kirin a music school which produces pop music and idols, after three years of preforming the dept will be settled. Go Hye-mi would rather do anything else, shes a proud and suborn person and wont let anyone else get involved so she enters with her best friend Yoon Baek-hee. Where she also bumps into Song Sam-dong who saved her from her last encounters with the gangsters.

High society                                                     no.episodes:16


High Society 2015 TV poster.jpg

Jang Yoon-ha is the youngest daughter of a rich business family who are very cut throat and out to better everyone including their siblings. Yoon-ha longs for warmth in her family which she only receives from her brother Jang Kyung-joon, after being unhappy for so many years she gets a job at the local super market and starts saving up to move out. She tries to do this as secretly as she can but after the sudden death of her brother, the limelight is struck on her as the families successor is yet to be chosen.

Scholar who walked the night ( still airing as of 17/08/2015 )   ♥♥♥♥                   

no. episodes: 20

Scholar Who Walks the Night poster.jpg


It’s based on the webtoon series by Jo Joo-hee and Han Seung-hee, about a dynasty thrown into turmoil by a vampire Gwi. Gwi is a unbeatable creature that has a strong grip on those within the royal line, if they don’t fall in line they are soon replaced. So its up to Sung-yeol the ex crown princes trusted friend to destroy Gwi after being turned into a vampire himself. After the death of his friend he reappears in 210 years and needs Hye-ryung, a cross dressing girls, help.


This is one of the better acted kdramas I’ve seen and I’ve though the plot seems a little ridiculous it’s a lot more real than some of the others as well. The way it deals with emotions and how characters are portrayed are done every well, cant really find fault with the script or any of the actors.

Young pal                                                       no.episodes:20


Yong-pal poster.jpg

Joo Won – Kim Tae-hyun
Kim Tae-hee – Han Yeo-jin

Jo Hyun-jae – Han Do-joon


A medical student, Kim Tae-hyun, is buried in school fees and his sister needs dialysis.. So he does everything he can to earn money, giving hints and tips to rich families to gift him money as a repayment for being their loved ones savior. But being desperate fir money leads him owing to a load shark. This leads him into the world of mobsters who need private care so they aren’t detected by the police when they enter hospital with suspicious wounds. To do this job he needs an alias Youg Pal but the police are right on his trail.

Who are you: school 2015                                      no.episodes:17

School 2015 poster.jpg

Kim So-hyun – Go Eun-byul / Lee Eun-bi
Yook Sung-jae – Gong Tae Kwang
Nam Joo-hyuk – Han Yi-an


Two identical girls couldn’t live any more different life. Lee Eun Bi grows up in an orphanage and has to deal with the harsh relentless bullying from a group of girls at school. While the popular Go Eun Byul attends a very good school called Segang high school, her life seems picturesque but mysteriously disappears at the end of a school trip. Eun Bi ends up in the hospital forgetting her entire life so when Eun Byuls mother comes she thinks it’s her daughter who just can’t remember anything. So she now replaces the other girl while trying to figure out what actually happened to her and why they look identical. But she soon fines out that Eun Byul isn’t as innocent as she looks which leads Eun Bi into a lot of trouble.

Pinocchio                                                                 no.episodes:20


Lee Jong-suk –  Choi Dal-po/Ki Ha-myung
Park Shin-hye – Choi In-ha
Kim Young-kwang – Seo Beom-jo
Lee Yu-bi – Yoon Yoo-rae


An accident at a building leads to it being burnt down along with the nine fire fighters who were looking for survives. The chief fire officer is framed for causing his teams death, which triggers a media storm against the chiefs family and the eventual suicide of his wife.

Choi Dal Po is adamant that he media has caused the death of his mother, so after circumstances leading to him being adapted, he meets Choi In Ha his new niece. She has “Pinocchio syndrome,” whenever she lies she hiccups, which is refreshing to Choi Dal Po as the media spun lies about his family. Despite the set back Choi In Ha wants to be a broadcast reporter and eventually Choi Dal Po starts a career in it to show what a real reporter is and to prove his families innocence.

Mimi                                              no.episodes:4

Mimi, 2014 TV series.jpg

Shim Chang-min – Han Min-woo
Moon Ga-young – Mimi


Min-woo starts a webtoon series called December 8, after looking at a calendar dated back to his high school days. He’s inspired but cant seem to remember 3 months of his teenage life, that surrounded Mimi his first love. As the webtoon increases in popularity he develops severe headaches from stress, he soon starts remembering events and goes in search of what actually happened to him and Mimi.

Hello Monster/ I remember you                                          no, episodes : 16

I Remember You promotional poster.jpg

Seo In-guk – Lee Hyun / David Lee

Jang Nara – Cha Ji-an

Choi Won-young – Lee Joon-ho / Lee Joon-young

Park Bo-gum – Jung Sun-ho / Lee Min


After a series of murders that involves little forensic evidence, profiler Lee Hyun returns to Korean from America when the murderer starts sending him messages. These messages trigger repressed memories surrounding his fathers suspicious death at the family room. Cha Ji-an has been following Lee Hyun around since they were kids and is a detective on the same case and is delighted to have him join the team.

 Hana yori dango/ Boys over flowers                                       no. episodes: 20 + film

Boys Over Flowers (TV series) poster.jpg

Korean cast.

Ku Hye-sun – Geum Jan-di
Lee Min-ho – Gu Jun-pyo
Kim Hyun-joong – Yoon Ji-hoo
Kim Bum – So Yi-jung
Kim Joon -Song Woo-bin

Japanese cast .

Mao Inoue – Makino Tsukushi
Jun Matsumoto – Domyouji Tsukasa
Shun Oguri – Hanazawa Rui
Shota Matsuda – Nishikado Soujiro
Tsuyoshi Abe – Mimasaka Akira

Going to be honest here and say I haven’t seen the Korean version just the Japaneses one but its my favorite of all time. Ive if this version isnt as good it’ll still be better than others on this list. You just cant beat the original its pretty epic and last for a lot of episodes.


It’s about Makino Tsukushi a poor girl who goes to a rich kids high school and cant believe the over the top extravagant. The school is run by the ion fist of F4 a group of the richest four guys and Makino manages to pick a fight with its leader Tsukasa. Hes the driving force of all the bullying in the school and she soon finds a F4 letter in her locker which signs a death warrant against her. She cant believe her luck and faces F4 head on, which is where she notices the quiet deep thinker Rui who soon becomes her friend.


2 thoughts on “Top kdramas

    • It’s one of my favorites, I love Park Shin Hye. It’s the first drama I saw with her in it and I’m trying to watch of of hers.


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