As it’s still kmonth I though I’d share the picture that I’m currently drawing of Luhan who is Chinese but is a member of Exo so I thought it counts. Doing this theme has reminded me of a promise I made around the same time last year, that for my friends birthday I’ll draw her which ever idol she wanted. I have also learnt what one true bias means by asking her who she wanted. The drawing is turning out ok and I’m only showing it after its gone through the ‘it looks like an alien’ stage that all my faces go through.


Stage one- three: after I drew the out line I started on the eye then the cheek and then the nose


Stage four and five :I then shaded the lips which is what I enjoy the most, stage five is all the cheek shading which takes me ages


Stage five : The cheek shown in more detail.


Stage six: The left eye


Stage seven: I started with a section of his hair, which is the most difficult for me. There’s so many variations on how people draw hair I always end up with my own style.


All stages so far: I need to do the inside of the eyes and the eyebrows but these are things that really bring a face together so I normally leave them till last.


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