Dooms day aka results day.

This is coming slightly late as it was on Thursday but it’s been fairly chaotic since then. I woke up at 6:30 am which is the earliest my college post the results and the half an hour it took to pluck up the courage and look, felt like eternity. I’d also convinced my self that I have completely failed again, which is why I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my results.

I was in half a mind not to say what I got because I know a lot of people would have done better or worse than me, but I put in the effort and I’m proud of what I got. So here it is :

A* – art and design A2

B- biology AS

B-textiles AS

C- maths AS

If your not from the UK AS level is the results from the first year of college and equate to half of an Alevel. A2 is what you get at the end of the two year course and your overall grade.

Obviously what I’m most proud of is my art grade but not because it was the high but because I put the most work into it and did sacrifice revision of my other classes over doing my coursework. Which is why I’m really happy the other subjects were as high as they were.

Since Thursday it has been pretty much none stop celebrations, because my year is leaving everyone has been throwing results/ leaving parties. I’m pleasantly surprised to find out that a lot less people are moving away than expected so I won’t be completely alone next year.  I hope everyone has found away to enjoy the liberation of results no matter what the outcome. I was pretty crushed last year so I know what it’s like to be in the other situation but it seriously is the be all and end all.

( picture is from our thank you tweet to our colleges art account )


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