KMONTH: Making of a kpop band.

So before I get into kpop I wanted to talk about this video, and how I wished I saw it before I got into watching Korean pop. This is a documentary made by the bbc a major television station in England, about the forming of the girl band Nine muses. It show the girls from just being chosen to debuting, from the dance routines to the politics of being a manufactured girl group.

In short the video shows how these girls are completely built from nothing to a kpop girl group. through out the video you can see the stress the company put on them taking its toll and a few of them end up breaking from it. What surprised me was the levels at which the girls worked and because of the hierarchy within the group the amount of blame that were put on the individuals. Now I’m not judging any of the girls would couldn’t hack it because they seemed to never stop working and none of them looked like they were sleeping. However management put all the blame of those not working hard onto the leader, who seemed to take it well, but I felt she was harshly treated throughout.

All in all I’m quite surprised they filmed this documentary, as the companies who form these groups are normally quite secretive about what goes on especially in the trainee days. In a number of ways it didn’t show them in the best of lights, after watching through it I do find the way they treated them less shocking and I am starting to understand. They have put of lot of time and money in to training them and there’s a very short time left to perfect every thing. In the end I just see a lot of very stressed out people who are trying to put on a performance

Nine muses now, can you spot any of the original girls ?


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