KMONTH: Recommended youtubers

To kick things off if thought I’d start with recommending Korean youtubers, these people are either based in Korea or Korean. For me when I was first getting to know the country, they taught me the the most about what life was actually like living in that country, with out the media obscuring it.

Eat your kimchi ♥♥♥♥

A Canadian couple Simon and Martina, who moved to korea to become a teachers with knowing little/ if any Korean . After making videos on youtuber for there friends and family back home, who didn’t know much about life in Korea, they fell into doing YouTube as careers later quitting teaching and doing it full time.  Their a very supportive couple and you can tell that everything they do together and their reactions are genuine. They continuously get better as time progresses and now have a blog and an app.


Megan an American who after finishing college moved to Korea to become a teacher, she’s young and shows what life is like for a foreigner socially, in videos she talks about making friends and made the transition to a new country. She seems fun and I really like her Instagram.

Soobin B ♥♥♥

She is Korean American and moved from  America to Korea permanently, shes a student at a foreign school and ruffly around my age. She doesn’t have that many videos up but I find her the most relatable out of all the youtubers, she basically answers all the questions I have about Korea with out realising it. I think her perspective is from quite a normal stand point, as shes just showing what its like living there, from day to day activities.


She does a lot on Korean pop industry, and tells the information in a fun and interesting way. She seams like a very open minded person and doesn’t seem to harshly judge people, especially those that she hasn’t met ,as the media isn’t the most honest  source on people characters. She more often than not has her husband in the video who seams equally open minded. They have recently moved back to the states but the channel hasn’t changed that much in content.


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