Themed Month: Kpop/Kdramas 

I really enjoyed doing the themed week SECRET SERVICE last time, that I’ve now decided to do a theme month. This one is based around Korea, mainly their entertainment industry eg the kdramas and kpop. With a month I have longer to form quality posts and explore in depth aspects of the entertainment industry.

The reason I picked Korea is simply because I’m interested in it and want to find out how the stars of Korea are really formed and treated. I’ve liked south Korea for a while now and would like to visit it one day (when ever I get a job and get over a fear of flying) .

I’m also picking this month in celebration, as SHINee 샤이니 new MV is out today.

I will be carrying on with my normal posts as I haven’t finished my Edinburgh trip. I’m throwing myself into this in hopes that it will distract me from the dooms day that is results day 13/08/2015 gulp.I hope everyone else with results on that day or not, luck and that they don’t stress to much where it’s bad or good there’s more to life than exam results.


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