Edinburgh: Day 2- Britannia


Day 2

So we decided to take advantage of unlimited bus rides and went to the coast to the Ocean terminal, where we went on the Royal Yacht. The royal yacht Britannia is sadly no longer in use and has been turned into a museum/tour , its a large tourist attraction, which seemed to be more enjoyable for foreigners to see the the decadence of the royals.

( hierarchy of the on board crew )

It was a very in depth exhibit where we got the most hilariously out dated audio handsets that were HUGE. Where every point of interest had a number which we’d press into the device and hear a long monologue of information.

The tour went across all 5 floor and even included the engine room, the tour says its only an hour and a half but we spent early the entire day there so it was more like 4 HOURS but we were taking our time. the tour consists of the Bridge,  State Apartments which are used by The Queen and members of the Royal Family. Crew’s Quarters the captains which is slightly smaller and we finished at the Engine Room. There was also a tea room, where I had a rather cold hot chocolate which cost £4 and below there was a small sweet shop which sold the nicest fudge which I regret not buying.

( Wash room)

( Picture of the front of the ship)                               (Engine room)

(Engine room)                                                                       (Engine room)

(Engine room)                                                   ( Medical room)


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